Professor Neil Greenberg developed and led the staff mental health strategy at the London Nightingale hospital during the peak of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Professor Greenberg has also developed the evidence based toolkit to support the mental health of workers back into the workplace. These tools are transferable across numerous workplace environments to help support all.  Below are a series of links to these guidance pieces.

The first paper details how NHS protect staff mental health after the Covid 19 crisis and follows the London Nightingale (Royal College of Psychiatrists) recovery plan. You can access the paper here. 

The second paper addresses how line managers need to support the mental health of workers returning to the workplace. It is available here

The third paper is about creating a safe workplace post-Covid19 - click here.


The final paper in this link deals with limiting moral injury in healthcare professionals during the Covid 19 pandemic and is accessed here. 


Hope these are useful...